Refereum wants to give you rewards for taking certain actions like playing and sharing video games. We shift marketing dollars away from advertising corporations and use them to reward you instead. Whether you have one friend or millions of fans, your influence and opinions are valuable. So valuable that companies everywhere want to reward you for them.


At Refereum we are very passionate about data privacy and how your data is used.

We go above and beyond when it comes to offering you transparency about that data, and allow you to exclude yourself if you’re not a fan.

Refereum’s use of your data:
✔ Anonymous, which means we never sell it to 3rd parties, you may opt-out at any time and request that we delete your data
✔ Secure, which means we are careful in how we handle it including using the best technology to protect it (for the technically minded, it’s hashed and encrypted)

Refereum’s tools allow any company including game developers to reward you if you refer a product to someone else and they use or buy it. To reward you, this is how we use your data:

The platform involves two main parts: the Refereum referral link, which is trackable (like everything on the web) and a simple key (called a hash). When you purchase anything with a Refereum referral link, Refereum gets a pingback to confirm the purchase.

Video game example: A hash is generated when you visit a referral link. This is stored on our server and also stored on your computer for a short period of time. When you install and launch the game, this hash is sent back to us so we can match it to your click to confirm the purchase.

This does not replace our full privacy policy.